No Chip Nails? Putting OPI Axxium to the Test!

UPDATE: So... sorry for this delay. This nail polish lasted less than a week. Grrr. It chipped. So no go on the 2 week guarantee. Plus, I was in Mexico at the time so it wasn't like I could go back to the store... and even if I was in town I wouldn't have felt comfortable going back a week later.

So I'm going to try another one of these stay longer type nail polishes... will try to report back soon!

Original Post: Friday, March 4, 2011

Bright and early I was sitting in my local nail salon this morning... had to get my nails done before I left on my vacay. I couldn't help but overhear this girl talking about the Axxium gel nails. I keep reading about this everywhere, but I'm cheap. My normal manicure costs me $12 and it stays on good for a week... so what's the point, right?

Well I'm going to be gone for a week... and most likely will be crazy busy when I get back... so my head started spinning. I wonder if it will stay... At my nail salon the Axxium gel is $25 so I thought... why not?!

I'm rough on my nails... so I'll let you know in a couple weeks how it holds up. They're supposed to last for at least two weeks... we will see...

OPI Axxium French Manicure

Here is what they did with the gel... she painted on this thin coat of gel first. Then you stick your hands in the UV machine. Next you put on the polish. Hands go back in the UV machine. The special top coat goes on... and your hands go back in the UV machine. When  you pull your hands out... they're totally dry... no worrying about smudging nails... no need to be careful... you are good to go!

I also decided to get my toes done... I'm going to warm weather... I will be showing my toes! Yay! soo excited to have my toes out=) The color looks more orange than it really is... it's actually sorta pinkish.
OPI Dutch Tulip
I'm going to be stepping out of the "work" clothes box next week... since I'm vacationing! I'll be relaxing... and aiming to be comfy!

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