Hello Friends!!!

Another week wrapped up... and another group of fabulous people to remember! This has been a week where I was all over the place... and these fine folks made my week a little brighter =)

Here is to the weekend... to warmer weather... and flip flops! I don't want to say it's been too hot because I'm thankful winter is gone. Never felt so happy to be sweating!!!


What I Wore: OOTD

I lost a few outfits this week... Truthfully I probably just hated them. When you're forced to see them again in your phone, you all of a sudden realize how not cute something really is. Ha! The other thing... I kept forgetting to take pictures because I was a little swamped this week... so, some of my pictures are ones I took with people while I was at events. Ya see the outfits... we all get the idea of what they looked like;)

Next week... I will do better. haha! I think I say that every week! Here is to hoping next week really is better!!!


Review: Beauty Counter Countertime Skincare - Pregnancy SAFE!?!?

One of the biggest questions I hear from people about skincare products is about whether or not it's safe for use if you're pregnant. We all hear about certain ingredients to avoid, but those ingredients are basically in everything! I'm so excited to say... I found something for my pregnant ladies who a really concerned about ingredients and are avoiding all the controversial ones "just to be safe"... and you're gonna love it!
Worry Free Skincare?
Hello Beauty Counter. The company has a solid list of  'never ingredients' that eliminates all the confusion for people shopping who are trying to avoid certain ingredients. All the currently controversial ingredients out there are on the never list... so however you feel about them... they aren't in these products.

Beauty Counter carries everything from sunscreen to makeup to skincare to shampoo. If it goes on your skin... they pretty much have something for it. The other great thing is the site is easy to navigate for those who are are selective... Pregnant, gluten free, vegan? They lay it out for ya in a non-overwhelming way.

Okay... so let's shoot straight. Most of those 'never ingredients' serve legit purposes in the chemistry behind many products. Often time products that try to be organic and controversial ingredient-free miss the mark as far as actually working. It's a nice idea... but no one wants products that aren't effective. I was sorta STUNNED at how well these products worked. Stunned enough that I ordered the makeup to test.

The CounterTime Line
I tested out the CounterTime line. It's the one that's supposed to help with aging. I really enjoyed it. The face washes were divine. The day and night creams both had a slightly marine extract/algae smell... nothing terrible, just very sterile. Just a heads up so you're not like... what?! It quickly disappears. I mean quickly.

Best part... no reaction whatsoever. My face sucked up the ingredients and felt amazing. Even if you're not ingredient concerned, these products are pretty great. They aren't going to give you an overnight transformation, but they work as much as you can expect skincare to work. Let's remember... these don't claim to be like plastic surgery.

Lustro Face Oil - The Holy Grail
My favorite product I tried... the face oil. I mean amazing! I tried the Lustro Face Oil No. 2 - Jasmine. It's the one that's best for aging... do you see a theme here! haha. This stuff is legit. At $64 it's still a little pricey, but it seriously works as well as the more expensive Sunday Riley oils. I was like ohhh yeh!!! The first time I used it... I danced around my bathroom because I knew I just found something amazing.

I'm going to do a full-on review with the ingredients later... and I have a cool announcement coming about this particular product;) so standby folks! It's gonna be good...

Okay... so if you want to check out these fab products - http://smarturl.it/BeautyCounter

***I am not a medical professional. All this information is my opinion ONLY. Consult your doctor for a professional opinion.