Remember 1915: The Armenian Genocide

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana

Today marks a dark day in history... one that for some reason has been widely ignored and denied. On this day 100 years ago the Ottoman Empire ruled by the Turks (modern day Turkey) began rounding up Armenian men, women and children for execution. When it was all said and done 1.5 million Armenians were killed.

Today, a 100 years later the descendants of the surviving Armenians are still fighting to have the genocide recognized by the world. This past weekend all across the country people gathered to bring to light the Armenian Genocide. They held walks thru their cities in an attempt to educate people and bring attention to what happened. Here in Philadelphia, people gathered on Independence Mall, the birthplace of the American dream.

The Armenians were killed not because they did something wrong, but because they practiced a different religion than the Muslim Turks who were in power. The Armenians were Christians. 

A few weeks ago the pope acknowledged the Armenian genocide and called on other world leaders to do the same. Whether or not the world ever admits what really happened to 1.5 million people, the truth will still be there.


Today as we pause to remember the countless lives lost, I think it's also important to remember how important it is to be tolerant and accepting. We may not believe in the same God. We may not be the same color. We may not speak the same language. However, we are all human and human life is valuable... even when we disagree.

Saturday here in Philadelphia, while a remembrance and call to action... was also a celebration of all that we can find hope in.

I pray this type of mass killing never happens again... but as we see the headlines from around the world, as we see conflicts continue... that seems unlikely. One can only hope.


Workout Wednesday: Bikini Body Guide Take 2

So... yeh... remember how I claim to be on-again off-again fitness enthusiast? Let's just say I've been off again. haha!

Proof. Me sitting in the doctor's office. Again. This being sick business really got me off track.

It's Time To Be Honest
I got really sick in February. Like super sick. So sick that I am just now am feeling better. Last week was my first week back on the wagon. I'm still using my inhaler, but now I'm able to workout as long as I take a few puffs before I start. This may be my normal for a while.

That said... I'd have probably quit. haha! I'm just being real. I'm terrible at keeping up with these things! BUT I am going to try again and I will at least be honest about it.

Bikini Body Guide Workout TAKE 2!
Here we go again =) I'm starting week 1 again. I will be honest. I promise to share my progress as well as what's hard, what's easy and what gets better! If you didn't see my first post about the BBG, you can take a peak at what it is and why it's all the rage HERE

And once again to clarify... I'm not working out because I'm trying to have some drastic transformation. I do, however, think I can be healthier and look stronger. That is all. All I'm doing is taking care of myself so I can have a long healthy life. At least that's the goal, right?!

And since we are starting over. It's time to do a little honest pre-workout documentation... so here goes.

So there we go. Proof. There is a lot of proof in this post. Eh. Anyway, let's see what happens. As long as I can stay away from the french fries and twizzlers I should be beach ready by June... and that's when my next vacation to the beach begins!!!

Parmesan Truffle Fries... Sort of.

I'm obsessed with french fries in general, but parmesan truffle fries are like OMG in my world. I try to limit myself to a few servings of french fries a week... generally paired with a bunless cheeseburger.

So... I was dreaming of those delicious fries, but I had already reached my fries limit for the week when I came up with a brillant idea. It may not be original, but it's not something I had ever thought of before.

Hello parmesan truffle cauliflower... I think I love you.
And this is what my happy dance looks like... clearly I was thrilled with myself. Don't mind the Gators gear... just celebrating Tebow's arrival to the Eagles by wearing an old UF tshirt as my PJs, that is all. And yes, those are Hello Kitty pants. haha!

The beautiful thing about cauliflower is you can make it take on the flavors you are craving. This recipe like all my cauliflower recipes is super easy AND easy to clean up (I hate doing dishes... even if doing dishes is rinsing pots and putting them in the dishwasher).

Cauliflower (I grabbed a pre-cut bag from Trader Joe's)
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Garlic Powder
Truffle Salt
Parmesan Cheese (get it however you like: shredded, grated, etc)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
1. If you didn't get a pre-cut bag of cauliflower, ya gotta cut that bad boy up.
2. Pull out the tin foil and place it over a baking pan.
3. Put your cut up cauliflower on the now covered pan!
4. Sprinkle some fab olive oil all over the cauliflower. Go light, but make sure ya get it on there.
5. Sprinkle sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder to taste.
6. Pop that sucker in the oven for 30 minutes.
7. Pull out and cover with parmesan. I like a lot. The more the merrier for me, but if you're not obsessed then go light. Parmesan is one of the lowest calorie cheeses so don't be afraid of pouring it on. Just saying.
8. Put a pinch of truffle salt in the pan. I mean a serious pinch. Tiny. Truffles are crazy strong. A pinch will do.
9. Grab the sides of the tin foil and push it all around. Make sure you don't burn your hands. Some tossing may be in store. This will spread the truffle love.

Whoo Hoo!!! That's it. So easy. I was surprised how good it was. Once again score one for the cauliflower... the carrier of all the delish flavors I love without the calories.