Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover THAT WORKS!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this product. I wear a lot of makeup at work... and I always wear waterproof eye makeup because I need it to stay put for hours and being out in the elements you can't take any chances. Runny racoon eye is not the look I'm going for. ha!

 The following is according to Sephora's website:
  • What it is:  A waterproof eye makeup remover that completely lifts away makeup. 
  • What it does: This creamy gel formula effectively erases waterproof eye makeup without tugging the delicate eye area. Gentle yet powerful, it’s specially formulated to remove long-wearing mascara and eyeliner, and it leaves skin feeling soft, clean, and smooth.
  • Suggested Usage:
    1. Dip a clean cotton swab in the remover and instantly fix any eye makeup mistakes.
    2. Saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe away eye makeup; rinse off.
The ingredient list. I know some people hate mineral oil. I'm only using this on my eye make up so I'm not too worried about it causing a breakouts... and it works. I feel like that's huge with my stubborn, won't budge, waterproof eye makeup.

So.. Seriously... Does It Work?!
Uhmmm YES! I was blown away at how my normally tough mascara just melted away. I just squeezed out a bit in my hand and massaged it onto my eyes. Spend some time on the areas you have a tough time getting the makeup off... mascara and eyeliner for me. Rub gently. You will feel the texture where your tough to remove makeup is fall apart on your fingertips. I took some toilet paper and wiped it off. Then I washed my face as normal. Totally clean!

Here is the one downfall... It kinda burned my eyes a bit. It wasn't bad... rinsed my eyes out a bit when I washed my whole face and it was fine.

I've tried a gazillion things that people swear works... for some reason it never does for me. This worked. It really did. Whoop Whoop!!!


The Land of Princesses and Butterflies

I got to see the Philadelphia Flower Show before it was set up... today I got a sneak peak at the finished product!!! I also got to go thru the Butterfly Experience... OMG. It was more exciting than I expected.


Fit For Royalty
The cool thing about the exhibits at this year's flower show is that they are scenes you sorta recognize. As we were walking around, we tried to guess what movie each exhibit represented before we got to it. Most were pretty easy to guess.

This the REAL Cinderella glass slipper!!! This is the one used in the upcoming Cinderella movie. Little unknown fact: you can't actually put on the glass slipper because it's solid... there is no hole to slide your foot in.
The Cinderella exhibit
More Cinderella... clearly I love her.
The Frozen exhibit. It actually smelled really nice over here=)
The Aladdin exhibit

Some Things Are Better From Afar
So... apparently butterflies scare the pee out of me. I love them. I love how they look. I do not however, love them on me or flying near me. 



Before you go judging me... here is why I was so skiddish of them today. I was afraid I'd kill one by accident. You never really know how you will react when you're freaked out... I just didn't want to swat a butterfly and kill it or accidentally take one throwing my arms all around. Butterfly killer is not a good look on anyone.

Photog Nick got a new hair accessory;)
This is where they "raise" the new butterflies. The company that runs the exhibit travels with this. Right now, it's actually inside a random room in the PA convention center.
The flower show is known for being family friendly and for having something for everyone. I think this year's theme really really gives it that feel... even more than previous years. It's cold outside... go inside and pretend like it's spring. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses;)


Adventures of a Selfie Stick: Faces of Philly

Me and my lovely selfie stick got to get a sneak peak at the Philadelphia Flower Show. First off, I'm super excited to see all the Disney movies (and princesses) come to life in flowers.

My behind the scenes look was a blast. As soon as I pulled the selfie stick out... I made so many new friends!!!
This is what happens when Photog Bill thinks he's being clever. PS. that's his pizza trash... not mine. I saw it and was like... WHAAAT?! Seriously thought I was leaving something. So yes... he got me. But just wait. I will get him back. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Just saying;)

Race car Ray and Joe Dirt. At least that's what they told me their names were... 
Didn't notice this guy was flexing until AFTER we saw the selfie! He swears he is just that swole=) 
Fish bowl lens with my 6abc friends and Alan Jaffe  with the PA Horticultural Society. He's the tall one in the back!

Some people may make fun of me... but this selfie stick has been a fun way to meet and document all the fab Action News viewers. Loving it... at least for now!