MakeUp Monday: Laneige BB Cushion

I've been on a skincare/makeup binge recently. I blame the cold winter weather. It's been brutal and my skin is literally peeling off my face it's so dry!

My thought... let's put all this compulsive shopping to work! Hopefully, my winter freak out will help someone next time ya hit the store.

When I saw Laneige launched in the US in Target stores I literally did cartwheels. This is a Korean skincare line that I've always loved. I will get to my Korean skincare rant later this week when I get to skincare... but today we must stay focused on the BB cushion. FOCUS, Eva... focus!

The BB cushion is like a compact. It's mess free. It's easy on the run... but does it give you all the wonderful BB cream benefits?! These BB cushions are HUGE in Korea right now... I keep hearing about them. It makes total sense too. I love BB creams. I hate the mess they make.

This is what it looks like when you get it. I even got an cushion refill=) whoop whoop!!!
First Things First... What is a BB Cream?!
BB creams aren't supposed to be a tinted moisturizer. They are supposed to be light, but they should cover problem spots when you use them sorta like a concealer. Most importantly, a BB cream is supposed to be packed with yummy nutrients for your skin.

This all started thanks to some fab German doctors... then Korean actresses got their hands on it and loved it! BOOM... a craze. It is supposed to make your skin look natural and flawless. Who doesn't want perfect looking skin?!!!

I wear a lot of makeup at work. A lot! So... I try to keep the makeup on my actual face light. Pile it on the eyes... sure... just not my face. Does this make sense? Prob not, but it makes me feel better. haha!

The Claim...
Exclusive 5-in-1 cushion form technology
• Brightens
• Protects against UVA/UVB rays
• Cools and refreshes
• Helps prevent shine
• Delivers natural, longer-lasting coverage

The revolutionary 5-in-1 BB in a convenient compact. Go beyond your regular BB cream. Broad-spectrum SPF 50 blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays, while skin perfecting Optimal Mineral Water cools and hydrates upon application. Prevent shine and brighten skin by visibly reducing dark spots. Patented air cushion distributes just the right amount of BB cream. Apply whenever and wherever you want, with no buildup or bother. All day flawless skin is just 1 step away with BB Cushion.

I liked it. It has a mild smell to it... not so much a makeup smell, but a smell and it fades pretty quickly. It's not a super dewy looking BB cream like a lot of the ones I typically am drawn to, but I like it. I think it sucked the shine away, which was something it claimed to do so go figure.

It stays pretty well all day. I still had to reapply under my nose as is normal for me (thankfully this was super easy since it's a cushion). AND it has spf 50+ which is amazing because I never have time/remember to put on a sunscreen. One step for everything. awesome.

Did it brighten my skin? I don't know. I don't really care. Personally I don't expect my makeup to brighten my skin so... ya know. It looked clear. It looked natural. That's what I wanted.

Here's what it looked like on. No blush. Just a few dabs of the BB Cushion, a quick coat of mascara and some Aquaphor on my lips. Don't mind the clothes/hair... was on my way to LTB at Pure Barre.
Overall, it's an easy buy. There aren't a lot of color choices for this product, but it does sorta morph when you give it a moment on your skin.

You can get this one at Target for $34. Pricey I feel like for Target, but you can buy cushion refills after you have the compact so... it won't cost you that much every time.

BB Creams in America
I've tried several BB creams from well-known American beauty companies and I've been pretty regularly disappointed, so it's nice to find a good one in Target.

A heads up: If you use a true BB cream... you will need a good cleanser. BB creams like to stay put. This is a simple fix -- just grab ya some coconut oil, warm it up in your hands and slather it on your face. Wipe the coconut oil away to remove the makeup... then wash your face as normal. Easy peasy!

Disclaimer: When I saw Laneige launched in Target, I sent out a celebratory tweet. Laneige sent me a bunch of the products to try. Def makes me wanna tweet more!!!


Bikini Body Guide Week 1

Week 1 down!!! only 11 more to go=) So... it wasn't thaaaat bad. It wasn't easy but it wasn't great.

I told myself I would do 3 days of LISS jogging and 3 days of circuits even though the Friday one  is optional in the beginning. That didn't happen. I did 2 days of LISS jogging and 2 days of circuits. I worked 3 different shifts in 3 days... I didn't know if i was up, down or sideways by the time my weekend finally arrived. I know... no excuses... but seriously, sleep is so crucial. #TeamNoSleep

Leg/Cardio Circuit
I'm in pretty decent shape, but I really started to hate my legs in the very first circuit. The second time I got to the jumping squats... I wished I'd gone slower so I only had to do them once. haha! Unfortunately that would have been way to slow for me to get a good workout from it, but I hated my legs for failing me.

Arms/Abs Circuit
All I can say is lay down pushups and me are not friends. At all. Pushups themselves are bad enough, but a circuit with pushups and lay down pushups was just sorta cruel. My very weak arms were struggling.

The abs circuit wasn't terrible in my mind. I have a fairly strong core, but the lay down situps felt like they took forever to get through.

Looking Ahead to Week 2
It's more workouts... no "optional" written on the top of any circuits so I'm not going to be able to talk myself out of the 3rd circuit. Would like to get 6 total workouts in but I will be happy if I get 5.

This week didn't feel like enough to really make a difference... but I also ate like a piggy. The holidays are hard sometimes. I'm trying to avoid the sweets and stick to just "real" "whole" foods.


Faces of Philly

It's been a whirlwind of a week. The first snow... The thanksgiving holiday... And Christmas shopping is officially on full swing! Thank you to the amazing people who made working the holiday week so enjoyable!!!!

Super Sophie!!! She came to visit us while we were covering the first snowfall in Exton:) 
More visitors to the news van in Exton:) They felt bad for us in the cold and brought us hot cocoa. Such sweet girls!

Photog Olga with our hot cocoas!!! Sooo clutch.

Thanksgiving with the Cunninghams! Thanks for letting us crash your family get-together.
News team assemble! My 6abc family... the Thanksgiving crew:)

Have you ever wondered who is in the news chopper?! Say hello to Amy and Nick!

Here is to a happy holiday season for us all! Can ya believe this year is almost over?!?! Seriously... it flew by... so fast!