Easy Jewelry Organizing on the CHEAP

Hello, may name is Eva and I have OCD. I like things to have a place. I like order and reason... at least in my house. Which is why my current shoe/jewelry situation has been driving me NUTS.

Problem: Jewelry Mess
I have lost so many pairs of earrings, broken so many necklaces and crushed beautiful bracelets because they didn't have a good home. My things have been scattered... toss into bags or hanging on door knobs until now...

I'm proud to say I came up with this all on my own. It may already be on Pinterest... but I didn't see it there. Actually, I quite accidentally had this moment of brilliance.

I moved all my shoes into their new space (don't worry... pictures to come=). Once my formerly packed over-the-door shoe rack was emptied, I randomly placed a necklace I was wearing on it... and that is when I was like OMG.
Over-the-door shoe rack - Target.
I'm a visual person. I need to see what I have!!! AND I need to be reminded how it could look on me. This shoe rack works perfectly for necklaces because it creates a little shape for the necklaces and helps them hang in a way that mimics how they will hang on your neck. But even better... its the first thing I've found that really works well for bracelets.

Okay not all bracelets are a continuous loop. It will take a bit of maneuvering... but you can find a way to turn all of the bracelets in a position that keeps them on the rack. It's great. Took me less than a half hour to put it all up... and now I have room to buy more. To say I'm pleased... understatement.

These Are a Few of My Fav Things

I'm a firm believer in finding the happiness around you. If you look for it... you will find something (sometimes it's really tiny, but there is almost always something) that could give you a moment of joy. There are days I have to buy a cheap chocolate bar from the check out line to find something, but the cost is more than worth it. The moment may be short... but hey, some days ya take what you can get! haha

One of my fav bloggers and friends, Janelle (check out her blog here!) made a post recently using a mood board. I thought it was so cute... I knew I had to do it. So here are a few of my currently favorite things. And by current I mean... right now... today!
Clockwise from top left corner: But First Coffee tumbler - South Moon Under, beautiful surprise spring flowers - Flowers & Company Philadelphia PA, crazy hot pink wallet - Kate Spade, bling bling iPhone 6plus case - Casemate, metallic heels - BCBG Max Azria

My favorite spot right now inside my house is a little reading nook I made recently. This is where I have my coffee and read my newspapers and books. It's my little piece of serenity before and after a long day.

THE LOOK: storage bench - nearby antique shop, seat cushions - IKEA, pillow -TJ Maxx

Why am I posting random things I enjoy? Because some days we all need to remember WE are responsible for finding our own happy... and happiness is always a possibility. Cue in some Pharrell and start dancing... haha!


Buyers Remorse: LED Ultrasonic Wand

Step away from the computer Eva. Step away. Sometimes I can't stop myself. This is one of those situations where I should have. I was sick (like days and DAYS of that bad flu sick) and consequently bored... and somehow ended up on youtube watching video after video of reviews on products/devices.
Buyer's remorse is almost as bad as shopper's regret.
Being Trapped Inside Leads to Bad Decisions
I saw probably 10 videos on these LED ultrasonic devices. This one has a green, red and blue LED option. That's supposed to be all the color lights you need for acne, wrinkles and removing dark spots from your face. It's supposed to lift and tighten and do amazing things. I thought... well that's everything I need! And onto Amazon I went... days later, it arrived.

This poor thing never stood a chance. I should have known this before I bought the thing that I wouldn't use it as it needed. You're supposed to use it daily... at a minimum use it multiple times a week. DAILY?! Really? Not. A. Chance.

I am willing to add things to my routine but I have a short attention span so this is the latest victim of that.

My Final Thoughts
Eh. I didn't love it... beyond it requiring too much effort for too long for me to ever stick with... I didn't see ANY hint of a positive change. I used it daily for a week... and then fell off. If I use something every day for a week, I expect to see something... anything. Nothing.

I need a new rule. Clearly. No more Youtube video watching for me... and when it does happen... I need to put a one week hold on making purchases. Basically this is a "don't be an idiot" break for me.

For now... this will hang out in the back of my bathroom closet with all the other things I've bought that I will never use. Whomp whomp.