Microwave Chef: Basil Pesto Egg Bowl

Cooking for one is harder than it would seem. If you do it from scratch, you're often stuck with waaay too much leftover. If you do frozen meals... well they are frozen meals so... =P AND then there is the problem with dishes. That's a lot of cleaning for a meal.

Living my single girl life... I've become quite the microwave chef. Today's breakfast is one of my favorites. All you need is 7 minutes flat! 5 minutes to microwave the bowl... and 2 minutes to mix and stir the extras!

I love quick in the morning, but I also am desperately trying to sneak in green things/veggies every where I can. This one is a good way to get some veggies and some healthy fat into your belly!


  • Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Bowl - Turkey Sausage (has egg whites, potatoes and cheese in it too)
  • Basil Pesto
  • Spinach


  • Take your egg white, turkey sausage bowl and pop it in the microwave for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Immediately after taking it out plop about 2 cups of spinach on top. I know it seems like a lot, but it's not because the heat really takes the volume out of the spinach.
  • Throw a teaspoon of pesto on top.
  • Mix it all up!

Quick Tip: If the spinach is a bit too voluminous... I toss it back in the microwave for like 30 seconds just to make it fit and stir better.

OMYummy in my tummy. This is soooo good. I'm just saying. Let me know if you try it... or if you have any other "gourmet" microwave meals I can try.


Learning... How to: Watch Me Nae Nae

Yes... So I think this speaks to just how not cool I am, but I didn't know how to Nae Nae. We've done several stories about this Nae Nae dance... and we had another story this Sunday morning on the news...

Judgement Free Zone
Okay... let's be real, I'm judging me... so you're more than welcome to as well. haha! How did I not know how to Nae Nae!? I love dancing.

First off... we realize we aren't professional dancers... we are just two gals having a little fun after our show was finished. Big thanks to Roy our floor director for taping us and Nate our editor for helping me getting it online ready. I know they both had a good laugh at us... hopefully you will too.


Don't laugh too hard... but here is a step by step for all of you who, like us, don't know how to Nae Nae. If you need to learn how to Nae Nae... we got you covered=) Welcome to 'Nae Nae for Dummies.' haha

Like I said during the show this morning... with dancing ya have to go all in and not care what anyone else thinks. Sometimes it's nice just to have fun. What's the saying... Dance like noone is watching.


New Menu Items at the Linc!!! OMYummy...

Some days I get lucky... really lucky. Today was one of those days. My assignment: the new menu items at Lincoln Financial for the the Eagles season. I mean really... really? You want me to eat food for work?! SURE!

So admittedly I wasn't able to plow my way thru the 7 new items they had for us to try. It just wasn't possible. I tried. I really tried. I failed. Miserably. I did however, get 4 items down... and they were all amazing.

First up... the chipotle mac and cheese from Quick & Carmichael's. I opted for the smoked pork on top. The chipotle flavor is very very slight... call it a hint. If you can't handle heat, don't worry. There is a kick, but no burn. The cool ranch doritos on top were really a nice zing and crunch. I love mac and cheese so I usually hesitate on the fancy macs. I want cheesey and creamy. This was all that. I just wish it came in a big bowl. You'll have to order multiples. YUM.

Cleaned out the mac and cheese... I mean clean. Moving along to this meatball sandwich=)

Then I got an incredible sense of FOMO. Everyone kept talking about this meatball sandwich. I needed it. I wanted to know what they were talking about. And while I didn't need another full lunch it was sooo worth it. I judge meatballs by whether I can taste the cheese in them and the other herbs... and this is a win. The Sunday sauce on top is just what you expect.

Pizza Pizza! I love that the Linc has a legit pizza oven... and we can thank Marc Vetri for that. Pizzeria Vetri is offering up seasonal vegetarian friendly pizzas. For the fall we get to enjoy a spinach taglio. Don't be scared off by the whole spinach thing... it was amazing... delish... and incredibly flavorful. One of my favorite ways to hide veggies is on a pizza.

My progress... mac and cheese, meatball sandwich... needed a diet coke to wash it down before I moved on to the burger. Feeling very full.

The last thing I was able to eat... very slowly, mind you... was the newest addition to the Linc, Zac's Hamburgers. So let's stop right here. We know I love burgers. Like LOVE. I would eat them every day if I could. Okay... moving along now. 

While it's new to the stadium, this burger shop has been in DelCo for 31 years. What I love... it tastes like a mom and pop burger. Greasy, but not too much... and you can get it made to order. You can get it as a double or a Zac Pack (which is 4 singles in a box). The Zac Pack kinda reminds me of the Krystal burger suitcases I ate a lot of in college... but the burgers are waay bigger and tastier.

The guy behind a lot of the creative amazingness... Executive Chef James Hessessey

Bottomline, there is a lot of good food to eat. Just don't try to eat it all at once... trust me. haha! Pace yourself. OHHH! and if you wanna find all this food... there is an app for that now =) It will help you navigate what you're craving at the game. Whoop whoop!