Hello Friends!

I'm behind on getting my pictures up! eek!!! Just so much going on... summer really is awesome here in the Delaware Valley.

Golfing. My first out this year!!! Me and Meteorlogist Chris Sowers played on a team at Avalon Golf Club to benefit the Helen Diller Home for the Blind. Shockingly... we both did much better than we have previously. Rusty luck.

Reading off the raffle winners!

I'm a chipping queen. The first thing I learned golfing that I was actually good at... and the one thing I always feel sure of when I'm playing. Moments before I made my shot=)

Jim's Steaks! My girl, Brittany came back to Philly for a visit of her old stomping grounds so we had to stop in and get a cheesesteak! And look who we ran into --> Owner of Jim's Steaks, Ken Silver!!!

The Tall Boats Festival with some of my fav ladies!

Check out these guys! They all graduated from Randolph Career & Tech School's welding program... and they all have jobs lined up ALREADY!!! Congrats to them.

Emceed Philadelphia's Finest... a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. Took this selfie with some of the committee members! haha.
Ran into my old coworker Jenny Joyce=) She was being honored as one of Philly's Finest.

Crazy thing... this isn't all the stuff I've been doing! I just get a little busy and forget to take pictures sometimes. I've already got another pile of pictures to get up from the Fourth of July festivities. Will get those up STAT.

YAY for summer! Amazing time for fun!!!


On The Road Again: Adventures of a Part Time Roadie + CMA Fest

I don't usually post a lot about my personal life... but here is a little glimpse into it. A lot of people have asked me about CMA Fest so... thought I'd share. Enjoy!

 Okay okay... I've been a terrible blogger. I took time off from work and went on a blogging hiatus... totally unplanned. ha!

In case you didn't know, I went out on the road with the bf (my tall country music singing cutie - Clayton Anderson). Truthfully... being a roadie is exhausting. My allergies went NUTS from being in all the different cities and next thing I knew I was very sick.

On the road. So much driving.
Excuses. Excuses. I know. But I'm back... that's what matters. AND I'm finally getting my pictures up from my travels.

I was with CA for 10 days... including a run of concerts that ended at CMA Fest: 3 shows in 2 days! First up... after a drive from SC to Ilinois (with a pit stop in Nashville to sleep)... it was show time.

Show #1: we got rained on. Thankfully the skies didn't open up until after the outdoor show in Illinois... but it did open up.

This is what happens when you've been in the car too long. Notice the big drink... that was a bad mistake. CA doesn't like to stop for bathroom breaks. Roadie Tip: don't drink anything until you're in the city you're going to be in for the night.

Just me and a bunch of guitars. We drove separately from the band this trip because CA had an extra acoustic show stop. The last trip I did with "the boys" was all the way to Oklahoma... all I can say is I was thankful we didn't have to drive THAT far this trip.
Clayton had to squeeze in two shows on that Saturday. One in Indiana around lunch time... and then it was down to CMA Fest for a night time show there. Long day. We left Illinois early early, crack of dawn early to get to Indiana. A quick set up, an hour of songs, and we were back on the road to Nashville. It was fun... but we were fighting the clock all day! Shockingly we got everywhere we needed to be EARLY. Can you say awesome?!

The world is so small. Lewis Brice was scheduled to play the Hard Rock stage at CMA Fest before CA. He didn't remember me... but once upon a time when we were all young before anyone was in Nashville, he dated my sister. She met him at church camp! haha. Thankfully, he did remember her! We took this pic to send her. I think she pooped her pants! PS. She is happily married to a wonderful man that my whole family loves... and they have the cutest little boy.

Backstage rocking at the Hard Rock stage at CMA Fest during CA's show.

Some of my fav people I've met during my many trips on the road with Clayton. From honky tonks to country cruises in the Caribbean... so many good memories with this amazing crew.

Avery. She keeps growing up! Not old enough for the honky tonks on Broadway... but thankfully there was live music at Margaritaville too!

Random. Chris Hagan... former coworker, sports dude extraordinaire was driving thru to Bama and made a pit stop to see the show! Everything about this guy is random. Love running into old friends.

The cool thing about CMA Fest is almost all the shows are FREE. There is live music all up and down Broadway in downtown Nashville. The free shows include a lot of the people you hear on your radio... not to mention you often will see those same people walking up and down the street popping into honky tonks too!

Matchy matchy. It was totally not planned, but I had to take a picture to document it! CA with Jim (bass guitar) and Dave (drums). Jason (guitar) already left when I went to take this pic, but he had on a matching outfit too.
CMA Fest can be a really busy time for the singer/songwriters. Many have multiple shows and lots of interviews and parties to get to. I tagged along to some things...

CA with Jessica Northey from CMChat and singer/songwriter Keith Anderson. CA And Keith kept joking that they were related... they aren't, but they were so believable for a minute there.

Between working, it was time to have fun!

The big show. All the shows at CMA Fest are free except for the big concert at the stadium each night.

Walking back from the show across the bridge. It's a really cool spot to look at the city skyline from the bridge.

See... nice view from the bridge.

When CA is busy... sometimes I go shopping. One of my fav stops... Hillsborough Village. This is at Posh.

Grabbing a bite to eat at Taco Mamacita's before it's back out to get stuff done. When in Nashville... might as well grab a drink at lunch too.

Ran into this FAB guy at the Tin Roof... Chris Burkmenn. Instagram/Twitter friends =) He has his finger on the pulse of a lot of the up and coming artists. Really cool to catch up with him!
CA and SaraBeth! Super sweet singer/songwriter AND social media queen.

We eat a lot of ice cream together. It happens.
I love being on the road with Clayton... but there is a reason I don't go out a lot. It's harder than it seems. I have a lot of respect for the guys that do it and make it look effortless. Two weeks with CA and I'm happy to sleep in MY cozy bed at home again... for a few nights at least! I love getting to be with him, but I also really love my pillow top mattress and I'm really cranky when I don't get good sleep.

So... until next time... I'm gonna enjoy my bed.  Back to our normal "weekends" together.