Bikini Body Guide Week 1

Week 1 down!!! only 11 more to go=) So... it wasn't thaaaat bad. It wasn't easy but it wasn't great.

I told myself I would do 3 days of LISS jogging and 3 days of circuits even though the Friday one  is optional in the beginning. That didn't happen. I did 2 days of LISS jogging and 2 days of circuits. I worked 3 different shifts in 3 days... I didn't know if i was up, down or sideways by the time my weekend finally arrived. I know... no excuses... but seriously, sleep is so crucial. #TeamNoSleep

Leg/Cardio Circuit
I'm in pretty decent shape, but I really started to hate my legs in the very first circuit. The second time I got to the jumping squats... I wished I'd gone slower so I only had to do them once. haha! Unfortunately that would have been way to slow for me to get a good workout from it, but I hated my legs for failing me.

Arms/Abs Circuit
All I can say is lay down pushups and me are not friends. At all. Pushups themselves are bad enough, but a circuit with pushups and lay down pushups was just sorta cruel. My very weak arms were struggling.

The abs circuit wasn't terrible in my mind. I have a fairly strong core, but the lay down situps felt like they took forever to get through.

Looking Ahead to Week 2
It's more workouts... no "optional" written on the top of any circuits so I'm not going to be able to talk myself out of the 3rd circuit. Would like to get 6 total workouts in but I will be happy if I get 5.

This week didn't feel like enough to really make a difference... but I also ate like a piggy. The holidays are hard sometimes. I'm trying to avoid the sweets and stick to just "real" "whole" foods.


Faces of Philly

It's been a whirlwind of a week. The first snow... The thanksgiving holiday... And Christmas shopping is officially on full swing! Thank you to the amazing people who made working the holiday week so enjoyable!!!!

Super Sophie!!! She came to visit us while we were covering the first snowfall in Exton:) 
More visitors to the news van in Exton:) They felt bad for us in the cold and brought us hot cocoa. Such sweet girls!

Photog Olga with our hot cocoas!!! Sooo clutch.

Thanksgiving with the Cunninghams! Thanks for letting us crash your family get-together.
News team assemble! My 6abc family... the Thanksgiving crew:)

Have you ever wondered who is in the news chopper?! Say hello to Amy and Nick!

Here is to a happy holiday season for us all! Can ya believe this year is almost over?!?! Seriously... it flew by... so fast!


Starting the Bikini Body Guide Challenge

Every time I get online I see the Bikini Body Guide or a picture of Kayla Itsines or a picture of one of her amazing transformations. I mean seriously... Is this real?!

This is Kayla Itsines. She's an Australian trainer that has seriously taken the internet by storm thanks to these crazy transformations people keep posting from doing her workouts. She has more than a million followers on Instagram.

I'm curious. I can't help but wonder if there is really anything to this... And so... I'm going to try it. It's not so much about the bikini body part. I mean it's winter. I can hide in my puffer coat for at least 4 months;) but I'd like to be healthy and that means I need a workout plan that is manageable... One that doesn't take up too much time and can be done at home because I sometimes work weird hours.

I'm embarking on this journey with two of my best gal pals in hopes we can keep each other on track.

What I want in a workout:
30-45 minutes total
I want to sweat
Shows results quickly (as in a few weeks... Patience is  virtue I am constantly working on=)

My Background
I've always been an athlete. I like being active. My previous exercise plans have included: running, swimming, biking, heavy weightlifting, P90X, Insanity, crossfit, and Pure Barre. 

I have a naturally muscular build so I'm looking for something that will make me appear long and lean while also giving me muscle definition. Is that too much to ask for?! Haha. 

BBG Workouts: Weeks 1-4
Every four weeks the intensity changes but the BBG starts off with 2-3 circuit and 2-3 LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio workouts a week. 

Circuit day -- workout consists of two circuits...  According to a recent Instagram post by Kayla, this is how it goes:

Circuit 1 - 7 minutes
Rest - 1 minute
Circuit 2 - 7 minutes
Rest - 1 minute
Circuit 1 - 7 minutes
Rest - 1 minute
Circuit 2 - 7 minutes
ALL DONE in about 30 minutes!!!!

LISS day -- workout is a 35-45 minute cardio activity of your choice... I'm gonna do a steady jog. Prob for 35 minutes because that's an easier amount of time for me to manage in my mind.

First Circuit Down!!!
Uhmmm wowsers. It didn't look like it'd be that hard. It's only 4 exercises at a time... And yet somehow it was brutal. I think I was overly confident... But by the second time I was doing each of the first exercises my legs were crying. 

My word of advice: Take your time. Focus on form and modify if you need. One of my friends has a bad back... Burpees are tough for her... So she modified. Do what's at your ability and remember that you are building up to what you want. 

I will try to update you weekly on our journey... Wish us luck!!!