Faces of Philly

Another week in the books... and another fabulous week running around the Delaware Valley. Met some amazing people this week. Thank you all for making it a good one for us!!!

Making friends at the new Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park!
This girl... is amazing. Hanging out with Drexel sophomore Jessica Franklin at the Cystic Fibrosis Breath of Life Gala.
Reunited with Jen Chipoletti =) at the Cystic Fibrosis Breath of Life Gala!!!
Big thank you to the Armen Automotive guys for helping me out with my story on cold weather this week.
We love heros!!! Sharon Hill PD Officer Mummo was honored this week for helping save the life of a little boy who accidentally shot himself. He also got  ANOTHER award for helping a stroke victim!
Folcroft PD Officer Mackey with his family. He is also being called a hero for helping save the life of a little boy who accidentally shot himself. He had the sweetest girls!!!
The ladies of the Sharon Hill PD!!!
This is what us news people do when it's cold outside: take selifes. 6abc photographer Yuri and one of my fav still photographers Joe!

Again... thank YOU so much. We've had a few weeks of pretty tough to cover news stories... it's so refreshing to see so many amazing people doing REMARKABLE things.


Hey Boo Boo! Undercover Doggy Reporter

I've done a lot of things in my career as a journalist. Mounting a camera to a dog... is not one of the things I've ever done UNTIL today!  Monday at 11pm we are doing a story about just how pet friendly stores have become... and what we found surprised me.

We are working on getting him his own social media;) #BooBoo #6abcDoggyReporter  Big thanks to my fabulous coworker Wendy Saltzman for letting us borrow him today... he is AWESOME!!! 

Until Monday though... ya gotta see my partner. Say hello to the one and only Boo Boo. He was well-behaved and a total rock star. 

Again, Boo Boo makes his big TV debut Monday at 11pm on 6abc. We will tell you where you can and can't go with your dog (and where you can expect to see other people's dogs).


Text Me A Merry Christmas

I love music. All music. One of my long time musical loves has been a cappella groups. Yes... they are cheesy... but I love the goofy antics. I'm a nerd. Thankfully, I know I'm not alone because many of these groups have full tour schedules...

So that's my explanation as to how I found this... Straight No Chase is one of the first a cappella groups I really loved. I remember hearing them singing Britney Spears back in the day and I was hooked. Clearly, I have great taste in music. But take a listen to this amazing and hilarious Christmas song they just did with Kristen Bell (as in of Frozen movie fame).

Yep... it's a thing. It's a pretty real statement on how it is... many of us send text messages for birthdays, holidays and other special events instead of calling or even visiting anymore. For the record... I expect at least a Facetime or Skype. Just saying! haha